Monday, July 27, 2015

My Best Birthday

I want to take you back to February 2011. My 25th Birthday was coming up! This was a memorable birthday because special friends were coming to visit me!

I had known Christi (FL best friend) for most of my life. We were not always close but when I was in middle school we started to form a special bond. Her mom (Auntie) was like a second mom to me. I spent most of my free time at their house. Christi and Auntie were basically my second family.

I was extremely excited to see these ladies since I had not see them in almost three years! I kept my cell phone near me, waiting anxiously to find out when they had reached Alabama. They were coming from Orlando, FL which is an eight hour drive.

I heard from Christi in the evening. They had just made it safely to Alabama! They were tired and going to get some rest. Later that night I got a text from Christi asking if I wanted to go eat. We ended up going to Denny's around midnight!

The next night I saw Auntie. I almost did not recognize her! She lost a lot of weight. We exchanged bear hugs and talked excitedly!

We did a lot of fun things! They took me out to eat at different places. We went to the movies. I guess you should not be surprised that we did some shopping!

One night Christi and I literally stayed up all night on Facebook. We went to the hotel lobby to have breakfast around five am. Then we went to our room and finally got some sleep.

Christi and Auntie stayed for about a week in Alabama. They gave me a memorable birthday! It was one of my best birthdays ever! These two special ladies are an integral part of my life. I think about them often and miss them daily!


Anonymous said...

What a great pic! I am so very happy to know you and to be a small piece in your life! you are my hello kitty in mine! LOL Sincerely! Susan

Amy Kay said...

Thank you!! I'm glad you are in my life too! :D