Thursday, June 25, 2015

Keep On Going

Often I find it hard to keep going...

Lightning struck the house a few months ago. It totaled our phone and computer.

We purchased a used TV from the pawn shop not too long ago. Lightning struck a few days ago and totaled the TV.

I wake up often in the middle of the night. Now when it rains and thunders I feel uneasy. If I see bright flashes I get very nervous.

I drink one soda a day and the rest of my drinks are water. A few people told me that I do not eat very much. I am still gaining weight.

I have been saving up for a newer model car. Out of town trips and other things end up wiping my bank account clean.

Recently I have been working with a new therapist. He tells me to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones.

The doctor put me on new anti-depressants. I have been on them for three days now. They make me more energetic. I am usually asleep by eleven pm. As I am writing this article it is now four thirty am and I am wide awake. I have not been asleep in over twenty hours.

For me simply waking up is difficult. Regardless of how I feel, everyday I shower and get dressed. I take care of most of the house chores. I go run my errands. Sometimes I need to push myself to do work.

I feel like I would not be able to make it without my support system. Or at least my life would be ten times more difficult to manage. My partner, family and friends encourage and support me very much! Even a simple text from them brightens my day!

Often I feel grateful for the smallest things. A few of them are hot bubble baths, never going hungry and having a safe place to live.

A lot of bad things happen to me yet I try my best to remain positive!

What keeps you going???