Monday, November 17, 2014

A Trip Back To The Catfish Farm

When I first arrived in Alabama after my mental breakdown, I left the big city of Orlando, Florida to go live on a catfish farm in Axis, Alabama.

My friends were far away, I was not able to finish college, my chances of a career in the fashion industry had ended. Would I ever see my Orlando friends again? My life as I knew it was gone. Washed away by a mental illness that I knew little about. I was basically stuck on a catfish farm. I could not see a future for me farther than the next day.

At the catfish farm I met Mac and Faye. They were a retired, older couple. Mac liked to take morning walks around the catfish ponds. I took a liking to them right off. They befriended me and treated me like family. Sometimes I would go for walks with Mac. I spent most of my weekends with them. On Saturdays I would come over in the afternoon. We usually we hangout and watch TV. Sometimes they would take me to do errands with them. Sundays was church day. We would go to Sunday School and attend service. We liked going to fast food places for lunch.

Lately Mac and Faye have been in my thoughts so a friend of mine went with me to visit them about a month ago. It was close to an hours drive from me. I did not realize how far out in the country I had lived. The drive was nice. I was slightly worried that I would not remember how to get there but the memories came flooding back. I had a quiet time reflecting on those days and where I am now. We finally turned down the last country road. I was excited to see places where I used to live. The place where I just started my recovery. I was sad to see the the catfish ponds were now fenced off. As we got closer there was Mac and Faye's house. Once we parked I started to wonder if they were home. We undid the gate and walked onto the porch, knocked on the door but no answer. They were not home. I felt a bit disappointed. We sat on their swing I used to sit on years ago and waited for a few minutes. I got tired of waiting so I left a note on the door with my number on it.

My friend and I were hungry so we decided to stop and eat near the house in case Mac and would be home soon. We took off to Taco Bell. The guy that took my order said I was very pretty so that made my day! Just as we were finishing our tacos Mac gave me a call! He said he just got home a bit ago. My friend and I hopped in the car and I was happy that I would be seeing my old friends again! Excited is the best word to describe how I was feeling as we retraced our journey. I could hardly wait to see this elderly couple who had loved me and helped me in my recovery!

As we got out of the car, Mac came to greet us. He looked exactly as I had remembered him. Faye looked thinner and she admitted that she did have some health problems. Maggie came out barking and excited. I saw that they had a small new dog. They told me that their old dog Penny had passed away. I was kind of sad about it but was glad that she was no longer suffering.

We all went inside the house. I thought it had pretty much looked the same. There were so many memories! We sat in the kitchen and had some drinks. At first Mac gave me some grapefruit juice. I took a sip and did not like it! My friend had some sweet tea so luckily we exchanged drinks. They asked what I had been doing and how my family was. I told them about all the exciting things happening and my life! Then we reminisced about the days when my family and I used to live there.

It was getting near four o clock and my friend and I decided to head back home before the traffic hour started. We try to avoid rush hour if possible! It was wonderful seeing my old friends again. I now have more fond memories of these two dear people who loved me when I needed it most. My life back at the catfish farm would have been incredibly lonely without Mac and Faye. I will make sure to visit them at least a few times a year and keep in touch by phone!