Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Goals for 2015

So far 2015 is off to a great start for me! I had a big problem with depression and I think a big factor in that had to do with the Lexapro I was taking! Lexapro is an anti-depressant and it first it make me feel kind of better but it did not take long to make me feel terrible! An anti-depressant causing me to feel super depressed! Can you believe that?! Well. I did hear about those effects for certain people. Now I am being tapered off of it and I have been feeling happy for a substantial amount of time! I feel alive and content!

I have two NAMI “In our own voice” Presentations this week and I have one scheduled next week! Yesterday Sister and I did our first presentation together and had a great time! IOOV Presentations are designed to give a message of hope and recovery for those living with a mental illness and I hope I have been successful at that! This month my best friend has been helping me make calls to places that would be interested in the IOOV Presentations! We have called nearly one hundred places so far and sent out e-mails!

Now I would like to share some goals I have for this year in order of relevance:

1. Slim down

I have gained too much weight in the recent years! It seems like I just keep getting bigger and bigger. I used to be slim. I am pretty sure it is my injection that has caused all this weight gain. Right when I started taking it is when the weight came piling on. This year I MUST work harder at slimming down. I have been doing good with my drinks. I drink about one cup of soda a day at the most. I drink a lot of sweet tea but I know I should be drinking water instead! Also I need to do more exercise. I definitely need to be more consistent with this!!

2.Save money

I kind of have a spending problem! I barely have any money in my bank account. I LOVE to shop!! I don't always spend a lot of money shopping but I can cut back. I also like to eat at restaurants a lot. I plan to cook from home much more often! I really need to save up for a newer model car than my current one. Also I MIGHT be a guest speaker at a conference in Houston this year (fingers crossed). The trip pays for my flight and hotel but I am not sure about the meals. I would really like to explore the city and you can probably guess... shop and eat!!!

  1. Practice MORE random acts of kindness

Yes I do practice random acts of kindness. However they are kind of here and there.. I want to do more! Something that I hear often is “You never know what someone is really going through, be nice to everyone!” Just because someone is wearing a smile on their face does not mean they are OK! Some of them could be severely depressed! There have been plenty of times I have told my friends I was fine but in reality I wanted to take Bear and run away from the world. I usually tell my closest friends when I am feeling very sad though. One day at my former job I was having a really bad day. It felt like most of my customers were being mean to me. I was on the verge of tears and maybe it did show. Well one kind customer looked at me and told me that I had such beautiful hair! We talked for a few minutes. Her simple gesture made me have faith in humanity and is something I will never forget.

  1. Text less

I am a heavy texter! I love to text! More than I love to actually talk on the phone! I am limiting my texts. Instead I will make more phone calls! It is more intimate and sometimes even fun! I will also write more hand written letters and snail mail. I get so excited when I get a letter in the mail in today's world of e-mails! I write to my mom every month and to my auntie.

And that folks is my goals for this year! I know I can achieve all of them! Do any of you have goals for 2015? Care to share? Comment below or personal e-mail is good!